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10 Most Dangerous Cities in the World


2. New Orleans, USA

Here’s a controversial one, as most Americans don’t like to acknowledge they could have any of the world’s top dangerous cities but statistically speaking, New Orleans has the highest per capita homicide rate in the US. Its murder rate is 20 percent higher than Detroit, double that of DC and nine times higher than New York or San Francisco. It also has high incidents of armed robberies, assaults, carjacking’s and other crimes. The Big Easy is such a distinctive city with exceptional food, music, architecture, history, culture and spirit, it’s hard to say “don’t go”, but you really need to be cautious, careful and aware if you do. Stick to the touristy French Quarter, stay with a group, and take taxis after dark and you should be fine. Its unwise to step too far off Bourbon Street as you’re asking for trouble, day or night but better safe than sorry.