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10 Most Dangerous Cities in the World


There are always travel advisories, news stories and rumors to scare us out of visiting certain places around the world and some of them are pretty obvious if you keep a close eye on current affairs. Some brave and adventurous types often want to have the travel experience others may be more cautious about and take that trip. More often than not, these journeys are without incident and lead to great adventures and enriching experiences that only travel can bring. However, there are some hotspots on the globe that really do pose a credible threat to health, safety and well-being. Here’s a list of some of the top dangerous cities that are worthy of a visit someday, but are best avoided right now.

1. Bogotá, Colombia

Colombia has been saddled with a dangerous label since the 1990s due to its central role in the drug war. Things have definitely improved in recent years, but you still need your wits about you should you choose to visit the capital city of Bogota. Many travelers have disregarded the warnings and report wonderful experiences in this cosmopolitan city. It is currently undergoing a bit of a modern renaissance, with artsy neighborhoods like La Macarena, colonial areas like La Candelaria and culinary hubs like the Gourmet Zone. Still, street crime like pick-pocketing, muggings and armed robberies are commonplace. There are unsafe areas to avoid, like Ciudad Bolivar or Cazuca. Don’t take the Montserrate cable car at dusk as gangs are known to stalk groups of tourists walking back to their hotels from here. Car bombings, kidnappings, violent protests and narco-terrorism are all possibilities when visiting Bogota.